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Lynette Medina Thompson is a versatile individual, serving as a physiotherapy assistant, model, beauty queen, and advocate for charitable causes. Her notable titles include Mrs Aguman UK 2019 and Mrs Universe Northern Europe 2021. She competed in Mrs Universe in South Korea in June-July 2022, representing Northern Europe. Lynette is the UK National Director of Mrs Universe and former President of Miss UK Philippines Asia Atlantic. She is also the Event Manager of Glam Cosmo Europe and Asia 2024 , UK director of Princess of the Universe an international modelling competition for children, UK Director of Steadfast Designs, UK Director of House of MUSA and Press Relations Officer of Miss Philippines Great Britain.

Her achievements include being named one of the Top 100 Iconic Women of the Year in December 2023, receiving the International Healthcare Service Award, Modern Filipina Heroism of the Year award, various beauty queen and model awards, finalist in UK Beauty and Brains Reality TV challenge season 1 and has been featured in British Vogue, April, May and June 2024.

In her healthcare role at St Thomas Hospital, Lynette works as a physiotherapy assistant in the Respiratory team under Cardiac and GI Surgery. She was actively involved in caring for COVID patients. Lynette has extensive experience in healthcare and fashion, leading to her appointment as CEO of Estilo de Amor Creative Productions in January 2024.

Outside of work, Lynette supports various charitable causes, including Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Dementia, and Diabetes UK. She has been recognized for her contributions to charity fashion events and received awards such as the Inspirational Woman of the Year and Modern Filipina Heroism Award.

Lynette’s achievements include being a licensed Physical Therapist since 2005, receiving multiple awards in the fields of physiotherapy, modelling, and humanitarian work, and holding prestigious titles in beauty pageants. She continues to make a positive impact through her work in healthcare, fashion, and philanthropy.